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Neuro Cognizance

Neuro Cognizance

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Revitalize your life with our meticulously crafted Neuro Cognizance supplement, designed to harmonize the benefits of these natural extracts. Read more


Gingko Extract

- **Mental and Cognitive Benefits**: Gingko Extract is renowned for its potential to enhance cognitive function, including improved concentration, memory retention, and overall brain performance. It is believed to increase blood flow to the brain, which may help in cognitive tasks.
- **Increased Energy**: By potentially improving blood circulation, Gingko Extract may contribute to better oxygen and nutrient distribution throughout the body, leading to increased energy levels.
- **Inflammation Reduction**: Gingko's antioxidant properties might help in reducing inflammation, potentially benefiting conditions where inflammation is a key factor.


- **Mental and Cognitive Benefits**: Spirulina contains a high concentration of nutrients and antioxidants that may support brain health, potentially protecting against oxidative damage and supporting cognitive functions.
- **Increased Energy**: Being rich in vitamins B1, B2, and B3, iron, and protein, Spirulina can help in boosting energy levels, making it a popular supplement for sustained energy throughout the day.
- **Digestive Health Benefits**: Spirulina is known to promote the growth of healthy bacterial flora in the intestines, which can enhance digestive health and potentially alleviate some digestive disorders.

Saw Palmetto

- **Inflammation Reduction**: Saw Palmetto may have anti-inflammatory properties, which could help reduce inflammation in the body, contributing to overall health and well-being.
- **Increased Energy**: While not directly associated with energy production, the overall supportive effects of Saw Palmetto on the body can contribute to a feeling of vitality and wellness.
- **Digestive Health Benefits**: Some suggest that Saw Palmetto can have mild digestive benefits, although this is less documented than its other properties.

Ginseng Extract

- **Mental and Cognitive Benefits**: Ginseng Extract is often associated with improved mental performance, including better cognitive function, concentration, and memory. It is also studied for its potential to reduce mental fatigue.
- **Increased Energy**: Ginseng is well-known for its energy-boosting properties. It may help combat fatigue and promote energy production, making it a favorite among those looking to enhance physical and mental endurance.
- **Inflammation Reduction**: Ginseng may offer anti-inflammatory benefits, thanks to its antioxidant content. This can contribute to reducing oxidative stress and inflammation in the body.


- **Mental and Cognitive Benefits**: Brahmi is highly valued for its ability to enhance cognitive abilities, including improving memory, attention, and the speed of processing information. It is often used to support learning and cognitive agility.
- **Inflammation Reduction**: Brahmi may have anti-inflammatory properties that help in reducing inflammation in the body, contributing to a healthier system overall.
- **Digestive Health Benefits**: Although not its primary use, Brahmi can have soothing effects on the digestive system, potentially aiding in the management of digestive issues related to stress and anxiety.

Each of these natural extracts brings a unique set of benefits to the table, particularly enhancing mental and cognitive function, providing energy boosts, supporting digestive health, and reducing inflammation, making them valuable additions to a health and wellness regimen.


Elevate your wellness journey with our transformative blend of natural extracts, now infused with the powerful symbol of Metatron's Cube. This unique formulation combines the holistic benefits of Gingko Biloba, Spirulina, Saw Palmetto, Ginseng, and Brahmi with the sacred geometry of Metatron's Cube, believed to amplify the healing properties and energetic balance of the ingredients. Experience a harmonious blend designed to enhance mental clarity, boost energy, support digestive health, and reduce inflammation, all while aligning with the universal energy flow for an elevated state of well-being.

**Enhanced Mental and Cognitive Function with Sacred Symmetry**: Our blend harnesses the cognitive benefits of Gingko Biloba and Brahmi, intensified by the sacred geometry of Metatron's Cube. This symbol is thought to act as a conduit for the flow of universal energy, potentially enhancing mental clarity, focus, and cognitive agility. The infusion of this sacred symbol may help align your mental processes with the vibrations of the universe, offering a more profound and holistic cognitive enhancement.

**Elevated Energy Levels in Harmony with Universal Energy**: Ginseng and Spirulina provide a natural energy boost, further empowered by the energetic balance of Metatron's Cube. This sacred symbol is believed to resonate with the energy of creation, potentially amplifying the vitality-enhancing properties of our ingredients. Experience a sustained and harmonious energy lift, attuned to the natural rhythms of the cosmos.

**Digestive Health Supported by Energetic Alignment**: Our formulation recognizes the link between digestive health and overall vitality. The inclusion of Spirulina and the calming effects of Brahmi, combined with the harmonizing influence of Metatron's Cube, may support a more balanced and energetically aligned digestive system. This sacred geometry symbol is thought to promote balance and wholeness, potentially aiding in the absorption of nutrients and overall digestive wellness.

**Inflammation Reduction with Cosmic Resonance**: The antioxidant properties of Gingko Biloba, Ginseng, and Brahmi are intertwined with the geometric harmony of Metatron's Cube, believed to enhance the body's natural ability to reduce inflammation. This infusion of sacred geometry is thought to align the body's energies with the healing patterns of the universe, fostering a conducive environment for reducing inflammation and promoting well-being.

Infusing our supplement with Metatron's Cube is more than an addition; it's a profound enhancement that aligns the physical benefits of our ingredients with the energetic patterns of the universe. Embrace this elevated approach to wellness, where the synergy of natural extracts and sacred geometry brings you closer to a state of balance, vitality, and holistic health.


Q: How do I get the Neuro Protocol Download?
A: A link will be sent to your email. If you can't find it, please check your spam folder first. If you still can't find it, please email us.

Q: Do I have to be vegan for this product to work?
A: No but you have to stay away from processed food, lower your sugar consumption, and meat consumption.

Q: Can I return this after use?
A: You can only return this if you have not opened it.

Q: Can I get the program after purchasing it separately if I didn’t originally buy it with the program?
A: No, the program comes with it, so if you would like the program you must purchase it with the program.

Q: Can I take this supplement fasted?
A: Yes, you can take it fasted

Q: Can I take this while pregnant? A: We suggest you consult your doctor if you would like to do that.

Q: Can I combine this supplement with the other supplements you have?
A: Yes, you can.

Q: How many times a day do I take the serving size?
A: Twice a day, 12 hours apart.

Q: Will a bad diet effect the supplement ability to work?
A: Yes, a bad diet will affect the potency of the supplement in your body because of the toxins the bad food creates in your environment (The body).

Q: If I am on medication will the supplements work in my body?
A: If you are taking medication it may or may not impact the supplements ability to work in your body because of the environment the medication has created within your physical vessel.

Q: When is the best time to take the supplement?
A: The best time to take them is morning and night.

Q: How long does it take to see results?
A: Your diet will determine how long it takes for the supplement to work. Some have reported seeing benefits within a few days and some have reported seeing benefits in 2 weeks. If you aren’t seeing benefits or you wish to see them faster we recommend doing this with out parasite cleanse.

Q: How long can I take it?
A: As long as you need to but if you want the results to remain the same take a week or 2 off every 3 months.

Q: Will this supplement work better if I cleanse?
A: Yes, the removal of toxins will help this supplement or any supplement properly be absorbed in your body.

Save 20% On This Order

Introducing our transformative blend of natural extracts, meticulously designed to uplift your well-being to new dimensions. Our supplement masterfully unites the potent effects of Ginkgo Extract, Saw Palmetto, Bacopa, Spirulina, and Ginseng Extract, each renowned for their abilities to enhance cognitive function, support cardiovascular health, reduce stress, aid in detoxification, and bolster the immune system. Infused with the geometric precision and cosmic harmony of Metatron's Cube, each label serves as a conduit for this sacred symbol's power, amplifying the natural benefits of the ingredients while aligning your body's energy with the universe's fundamental structures.

Elevate your existence with our Neuro Cognizance supplement, a testament to the fusion of nature's gifts and the profound patterns of sacred geometry. This blend not only aims to boost your cognitive capabilities and support essential bodily functions but also invites you to experience a holistic approach to health, where physical wellness and spiritual balance intertwine.

Dive into the Neuro Cognizance Supplement Guideline, your ultimate companion in the quest for enhanced cognitive prowess. Here, you'll uncover the synergistic power of our carefully formulated supplement, enriched with the cosmic energy of Metatron's Cube. Discover ingredients that sharpen the mind, routines to enhance cognitive fitness, stress-relieving practices, and mind-nourishing recipes. With Neuro Cognizance, embark on an enlightening journey towards a mind that's not only sharper and more focused but also in harmony with the deeper rhythms of the cosmos.

  • Discover the Neuro Cognizance Cognitive Enhancement Program designed to optimize your cognitive function.
  • Understand the ingredients, including Ginkgo Extract, Saw Palmetto, Spirulina, Ginseng Extract, and Bacopa, that contribute to cognitive health.
  • Explore a Cognitive Diet that includes brain-boosting foods and foods to avoid.
  • Incorporate cognitive fitness routines and exercises like aerobic exercise, strength training, mindfulness meditation, and brain games into your daily life.
  • Learn about the impact of stress on cognitive function and effective stress-reduction strategies.
  • Explore breathing exercises for optimal cognitive function
  • Access 20 recipes for cognitive health that incorporate brain-boosting ingredients.
  • Remember to consult a healthcare provider before making any significant changes to your health routine.


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